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thpethial: 1. dithtinguithing; 2. dethigned or formed for a particular purpothe; 3. thpecific; 4. different from otherth, uncommon; 5 dithtinctive, exthepthional . . .

this page, the spotlight, is here for the sole purpose of honouring those who i feel deserve to be honoured. those who i can say are truly thpethial.
so in the spotlight i will probably include the following: picture(s), a biography, facts, links to other pages that honour the thpethial person, and more.
i'll try to change the spotlightee weekly, which probably means monthly.

because of all this winter olympic shnazzzzz going on right now, this week's (or month's) spotlight is going to be on Picabo Street. yes, she is a very, very thpethial person.

you'll have to excuse the content of this one.. it's kind of out of date, but i was rushing to get my page up, so nyarrrr. it'll improve.

(taken from Pic-a-Biography)

Occupation: US Olympic skier (gold & silver metals)
Height: 5'7''
Birthdate/place: April 3, 1971 - Triumph, Idaho
Family: Dad, Ron; Mom, Dee; Brother, Roland
Childhood ambition: "To be an Olympian, win a gold medal. Been a dream, now a goal."
Childhood role models: Tamara McKinney, Cristen Cooper ("Big-time role models. Once I met them, it was so cool. They're nomral people too.")
Early skiing memory: "I was so scared my whole way up the chair lift (first time). I finally went straight down the bunny hill, instead of going side-to-side." (age six)
Early skiing memory, part two: "I caught air off the cat track. When I landed on the powder, on my feet, they dug in. I went over my head and did a somersault. Completely over. My head hit the snow. I landed on my skis and skied away. My hat and goggles were left in the snow." (age 13)
First job: Housecleaning job with mom (age 11)
Greatest sprts moment: "When I won the silver medal at the World Championships (in Morioka, Japan) -- Combined (Downhill/slalom). It was over two days. I won the downhill. It was a surprise. I knew it would happen someday, just not as soon as it did."
Favourite mountain to ski: Sun Valley ("My hometown.")
Funniest skiers I've encountered: Kate Pace (Canada), Armin Assinger (Austria)
Favourite non-skiing sport to watch: Football
Favourite non-skiing sport to play: Volleyball
Favourite athletes to watch: Michael Jordan, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Kjertl Aamodt (Norwegian skier), Karen Kemner (volleyball)
Biggest sports thrill: "Mary Lou Retton winning the gold medal. She went into the Olympics a favourite and she got the gold. That's hard to do." (age 13)
All-time favourite movies: Point Break ("Was pretty crazy."), Gone With the Wind, 9 1/2 Weeks
Favourite Hollywood personalities: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman ("I like them as a couple, think they're sweet.")
Favourite TV shows: The Love Connection ("It's a funny show."), Cosby, Cheers, Family Feud ("I like that show. I don't know why.") Favourite food: M&M's
Favourite breakfast cereal: Golden Grahams
Favourite ice cream flavour:Pralines and cream
Music I enjoy: Tina Turner ("One of my all-time favourites."), Dolly Parton, Reba McEntyre, James Taylor, LL Cool J, Shawn Kolvin, Guns and Roses, AC/DC, reggae (Inner Circle, Oswad)
First car: '93 dark blue Ford F350 one-ton truck ("I just bought it.")
Last Halloween costume: An Indian
Hobbies and interests: Fishing ("I like fish a lot."), music ("I'm learning to sing and play instruments."), so many things, my boyfriend, Mike Makar ("He's a hobby.")
People I most admire: "People who set goals and try to reach them. It's not always so easy to reach goals. People who go their whole life using that system -- setting goals and reaching them, then setting another goal and reaching that. And, of course, handicapped people. I have a friend who became paralyzed from the waist down from skiing. She has a lot of things that she has achieved. She still skis and she has a 4.0 at Standford."
Little-known fact: "I like Harleys. I want to have a Harley. I just think they're so cool, such a mellow beast -- so sweet. They look like fun to have. So old and unique, been around for a long time."
Fact: Picabo is the first American, male or female, to win a World Cup downhill ski title ('95 season overall).

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