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2 February '98

uhmmmm ummmmmmmmm hi.
you know what the hardest thing in the world is?
shopping with girls.
not just shopping.
i mean like, CLOTHES shopping.
my GAWD.
see, guys just go around the store, pick out stuff they like, try it on (or not), and get it
and girls on the other hand have to stare at each clothing for 30 minutes, bring it to the dressing room, spend 45 minutes trying on each clothing, another 45 minutes trying on each clothing with another piece of clothing to see which looks best, display each one to you, THEN they spend about an hour deciding which one they should actually get. and after all that, they don't ANYTHING. ::eye rolllllllll::
this is the mandatory procedure.

oh and you know what's worse than that?

when they make you try on stuff with them just 'cause they don't wanna feel like they're the only one whateverwhatever.
"i'm not taking you home until you try on this SEE-THROUGH, SKIMPY-ASS, SPAGHETTI-STRAPPED DRESS, and these TEN INCH PLATFORMS"
well fuck you i'm walking home!!!!