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31 January '98

i guess i have my years mixed up again. can you tell what i'm really writing by each letter and word?
today's story is about criticism. i can't face you when you tell me how stupid i am. need a computer.
racing everyday. limits. who do you love?
i love few. i love.. many. i need many and love few. who? two. one. i don't know. just.. you. running with my letter and the patterns on my skin. criss-cross. dreams:
looked like a cruise ship. maybe i thought i was on titanic? had lunch with a group of usual friends. ash came by and sat down by me, leaning while i winked to him. or someone. chasing someone around inside. (it's cold inside, now) how? now. chasing her (away) woke up too soon. but nice dream nonetheless.
too bad the lamp is crooked.
tell me just how i feel, now, please, yes. well well, wellingtong. blonde XXXX. i hate hate hate hate i'm tired i'm going to sleep.
p.o. box!!!